Wednesday Night Workout – from 19 May 2021

The ‘Wednesday Night Workout’ returns later this month, in the form of an accessible and manageable group training ride appealing to typical club members.

Starting on 19 May 6.30pm, the group(s) will meet at The Barnbow pub, Austhorpe Road, Crossgates, LS15 8EH, for a 30-35 miles loop ride, with an average of 14-16 mph.  As confidence and ability builds throughout the group, we will look to introduce chain-gang riding (aka ‘through-and-off’) to assist with rider skills and technique.

Route details – which is likely to be repeated each week – will be available soon.

NOTE: There is no intention for this group to progress to the competitive-style levels it was previously associated with – the aim is to make it accessible for a wider range of club members.

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