50% off club racing kit

50% off club kit for racing in British Cycling open or closed circuit road races in the 2024 season.

This extends last years promotion to encourage member participation in road racing by offering a refund off the kit you buy to compete in.
  • First claim members taking part in four (male) or three (female) B.C. open or closed circuit road race in 2024 will be refunded 50% of the cost of a Pactimo jersey or skinsuit (Flytesuit) from the clothing range on offer.
  • Members currently without Seacroft Wheelers kit, may race in non-affiliated and neutral (i.e. not another club) jersey, until their kit arrives (perhaps try to borrow a jersey).
  • As part of the parallel competitive participation promotion, the club is paying the entry fee (first claim members) for our own road race 7th July – this counts as a qualifying event towards a 50% kit refund.
  • All claims should be sent to clubkit@seacroftwheelers.co.uk 

If you need any assistance getting started racing contact racingsec@seacroftwheelers.co.uk and check this link for upcoming local circuit races/training.

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