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Biemme Kit

Biemme Kit


These are the latest designs of the race short sleeve jersey (S.S.J.), race bib shorts, race long sleeve jersey (L.S.J.), gilet, winter jacket, arm warmers and speed-suit.

The windmill logo front and back of the SSJ does not actually contrast as much as it appears to in the design proof in picture four. Pictures eleven and twelve of the gallery provide a better idea of how it will look printed on jersey material and in direct sunlight.  You will see that it is a much more subtle contrast.

Biemme Custom Clothing Product Guide 2018

Current summary of requests for kit for the next order

Please email with your requests for kit for the next order.
The table below will be updated with running totals and the current quantity price break indicated in bold.
Once the quantities reach a price that everyone is happy with, the order can be submitted (and once Biemme minimum order quantities are achieved). At that point, everyone will be asked to complete an order form and make payment. (quoted delivery timescale is approx. 6-8 weeks from order payment).

We have limited this list to the “race” model of the range to try to maximise quantity discount but additional items can be added, see the “pricing” tab and Biemme Product guide above for more details.

The men’s and women’s race short sleeve jersey (SSJ) and long sleeve jersey (LSJ) prices include a 15% club subsidy to all first-claim members (one of each per member). The club also price-match the women’s quantities price break to the men’s on the SSJ and LSJ, so both pay the price of whichever is the higher quantity ordered.

Biemme have agreed to match the women’s bib-short price to the men’s quantity pricing as per the first order so the ladies receive maximum discount as well ! 🙂

Race SS jersey (M)£74.80£69.16£62.72£54.88£48.72£39.20MAX
Race SS jersey (W)£74.80£69.16£62.72£54.88£48.72£39.20MAX
Race LS jersey (M)£82.25£72.56£65.80£57.58£51.11£41.1310
Race LS jersey (W)£82.25£72.56£65.80£57.58£51.11£41.130
Race bib shorts (M)£101.30£89.36£81.04
Race bib shorts (W)£101.30£89.36£81.04£70.91£62.95£50.655
Gilet (pockets) (M)£81.65£72.03£65.32£57.15£50.74£40.828
Gilet (pockets) (W)£81.65£72.03£65.32£57.15£50.74£40.820
Arm Warmersmin. 10x £22.6811-14 £19.4415+ £16.2012
Capmin. 30x £11.642
Race Winter Jacket (M)£140.40£133.38£112.32£98.28£87.48£75.600
Pro Winter Jacket (M)£181.12£172.06£144.89£126.78£112.85£97.524
Speedsuit (M)£182.52£173.39£146.02£127.76£117.94£98.28

In Stock Items

The club has bought some items for stock, available to new members. Current quantities listed below:

“Race” Short Sleeve Jersey- £39.20 each (subsidised first claim member price)

Men- 1x small

Please contact  if you are interested in these.


*Please note: men’s and women’s “race” short sleeve and long sleeve jerseys have an additional 15% club subsidy (for first-claim members) to be taken off the prices below.

Download Biemme Custom Price List 14-1-18 SW

Sizing Info.

Consult the size chart below, if you are still unsure then contact for further guidance and to arrange trying samples on at their premises.

Download PDF

Order Form

(Excel version for sending by email)

(if you don’t have Excel use the PDF version of the order form, print it out and complete by hand)


Cam lock zip (found on the short sleeve jersey and gilet)

It is important to push the zip slider firmly to the bottom of the retaining box, with the pull toggle pointing up – which is the ‘open’ position. When the toggle is down it is ‘closed’ and locks. If you try to zip the jersey up, whilst the toggle is in the closed position, it can cause the teeth of the zip not to join correctly and it can splay open.

The cam lock, when in the up ‘open’ position can be undone easily with one hand, whilst climbing for example.
When in the down or ‘closed’ position it won’t open.

Washing Care guide to prolong the life of your kit

Always wash your clothing immediately after use.
Where possible, turn the garment inside out and wash fully zipped.
Do not wash with items containing Velcro.
Wash at 30 degrees Celcius (or less).
Use non biological washing powder and don’t use fabric softener.
Line dry, do not tumble dry or place on or near direct heat as this can damage the technical fabrics.
Do not Iron.
Ensure that kit is washed with similar items (nothing heavy or abrasive), or use a net washing bag.

General Care

Many of the fabrics are delicate and designed for your comfort and performance. We want to ensure that your clothing lasts as long as possible. There are things that you can do that will prolong the use and keep your garment looking its best for longer.

It may seem obvious but fabrics will wear and deteriorate with both time and use. Sweat, lotions, oils, fabric softeners, biological detergents, antiperspirants and alchohol in perfume and aftershave can damage fabrics, can affect the technical properties of some fabrics and cause the fibres of some fabrics to deteriorate. Chlorine and salt water can also bleach and damage fabrics.


Biemme clothing comes with a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase
Should you experience problems with the following, within a 12 month period, during normal wear and having followed all of the care instructions then Biemme will repair or replace the item at their discretion:

Broken zip
Failed stitching – not caused by abrasion or accident/ crash
The warranty is not extended to damage caused by:

Improper care
Normal wear and tear
Natural fading (colour/ material) over time and with use.
Rips/ tears/ holes/ abrasions/ shrinking or burns
Avoiding abrasion damage: (not covered by warranty)

Keep clothing away from Velcro fasteners – including those on gloves, saddle bags and overshoes etc and ensure they are washed separately.

Ensure you have a well fitting saddle, as a poor fitting saddle can be more than uncomfortable – it can also damage your clothing.

Jerseys and jackets are not designed to carry rucksacks, which are also likely to cause abrasion.

Take care not to overfill pockets or carry sharp or heavy objects as they are likely to cause damage to fabric or stitching.

Ensure you are wearing an appropriately sized garment.

Warranty Contact

You may be asked to return the item to their premises here.

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