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Welcome to our club kit page using supplier Pactimo,

Current Order Status– *CLOSED*             Closing Date: N/A
Estimated Delivery Date– N/A

If you are interested in ordering something for the next order please email with the items you want to add.

When we reach the required minimums for the next order a new order window will be opened and members will be able to log in and place orders see the “Ordering” section below.

Order number 6 (240477) Delivered 19th April 2024 (Estimated Delivery 15th April)

Order number 5 (232714) Delivered 30th November 2023 (Estimated Delivery 28th November)

Order number 4 (232119)  Delivered 13th September 2023 (Estimated Delivery 25th September)

Order number 3 (230379)  Delivered  11th May 2023 (Estimated Delivery 17th May)

Order number 2 (222781)  Delivered 27th October 2022 (Estimated Delivery was 31st October)

Order number 1 (221199) Delivered 6th July 2022 . (Estimated Delivery was 19th July)

If you haven’t ordered before see the “Ordering” section below to walk you through it.
See the “Pricing” and “Sizing info.” tabs for reference.


sample of what's available


There are images and descriptions of each item once you log into the Pactimo club shop.

Road jersey- 4 styles (various materials, features and budget), 3 fits (relaxed, traditional and aero in ascending snugness)
“Century LX” is a “relaxed” fit
“Continental” is a “traditional” fit (Similar to the jerseys from previous supplier Champsys)
“Ascent” and “Summit” jerseys are an “aero” fit (more race fit similar to our previous supplier Biemme).

Off Road jersey-  1 style “Trail” long sleeve with a zipped pocket.

Thermal jerseys- 2 long sleeve, “Continental” (traditional fit) and “Alpine” (aero fit).

Bib shorts- 2 styles and fit (with leg length gripper options).
The men’s bib shorts are a long fit so please consider this when choosing which length of leg gripper you want (garment dimensions for bib shorts are on each of their shop pages, compare it to existing kit that fits you well). The women’s bib shorts are a short fit so most members so far have opted for the “long” gripper (3cm longer than the “standard”).

Gilet- 2 styles, a packable wind proof version “Divide” and the more substantial “Breckenridge”.

Jacket- 2 styles “Breckenridge” and for tougher conditions the “Alpine”.

Skinsuits- 1 short sleeve (with pockets) “Flytesuit”, 1 long sleeve (no pockets) others are available.

Accessories- 2 arm warmer designs, cap, neck gaitor and fingerless gloves, base layer, hoody.

See the “Pricing” tab for their respective cost and log into the Pactimo shop for more info. on each garment and pictures.

If there is something that you see on the Pactimo website links below, or on the full price list that you would like to order email


*Use the Pactimo club shop link here and the password can be found on the Spond post available to members.

*Select either “Seacroft Wheelers” or “Seacroft Wheelers Youth” if you are ordering kids kit.

*Select the items you want to add to the order making sure you use the fit and sizing guides (found on each items shop description and the “Sizing” tab on this page) and select any options i.e. the bib shorts have a standard (4.5cm) and long (7.5cm) leg gripper.
Click “continue shopping” to add more items and “proceed to checkout” when you are ready.

*You will then be asked to create a login (right hand side of the screen) with your email address and a password of your choosing and then to enter your payment details and delivery details.
For additional orders  you will login on the left hand side with the email address and password you have created previously.

*For convenience the order will ship directly to your address and the charge for this is £7.20 plus 2.5% of the total order value and this will be added to your total before you tick the box to “accept the policy agreement” and then “checkout”.

NOTE- please pay close attention to the sizing guides and the fit of the garment and with the bib shorts it’s useful to compare the inseam measurements to some of your own that are a good fit.
At the bottom of the “Sizing” tab on this page you will see some actual measurements of the jersey samples we received, lay a jersey flat that fits you well as per the pics. and compare the measurements to help you select your size.

From June 2023 Pactimo have changed their policy on swapping kit for sizing issues and it can no longer be exchanged free of charge so please check sizing carefully, come along to a kit sample trying on evening if possible or try another members kit on to get an idea.

Time to receive the order is dependent on the suppliers current order list but normally around the 4-6 week mark from the total order being submitted and confirmed.

Please note that this kit design is the version registered with British Cycling for those that race and also be aware that the colours can look slightly different based on the varying material used in the products.

Pactimo links

Description and comparison of the various styles of kit.

Road collection.

MTB collection.

Cyclocross collection.

Skinsuit collection


The new fade design is a fresh look while retaining the constitutional orange and blue, in keeping with the club history/identity and to fit alongside  previous versions of the jersey from other suppliers for our orange & blue pelotons on club rides 🙂

See the pictures below of the sample panels (printed on the Summit jersey material) to give an idea of how the new design looks and compared alongside to our two previous designs. Please note that even the same colours can vary in appearance dependent on the material they are printed on and these are digital images being viewed on a screen, two additional factors that are not a true to life representation but a reasonable indication.


This is the condensed price list for the items mentioned and marked in orange on the full price list which can be found here.

Sizing Info.

This is the Pactimo fit and sizing guide link and the info. is duplicated below.

As of April 2023 Pactimo have done some size regrading, this effects men’s jerseys size XL and above and women’s jerseys size L and above.
Those garments are slightly bigger in size so please refer to the NEW measurements below.
The only jersey that remains unaffected is the “Century” jersey which stays the same as it was and still goes up to 5XL.



Men’s Century Jersey “Relaxed” fit and goes up to 5XL (for all other tops use the charts above)




Youth Gloves Shoe Covers




Additional comparison with actual measurements from samples.
Zip up and lay flat a jersey that fits you well and measure it pit seam to pit seam and collar to bottom of back hem as per pics below to help identify your size.



To help as an indication or comparison to existing ones that fit you well (measurements as per pictures below). No measurements available for size L but you can guestimate between the M and the XL for the latter (perhaps 10cm, 50cm, 14cm)


Washing Care guide to prolong the life of your kit

Always wash your clothing immediately after use.
Where possible, turn the garment inside out and wash fully zipped.
Do not wash with items containing Velcro.
Wash at 30 degrees Celsius (or less).
Use non biological washing powder and don’t use fabric softener.
Line dry, do not tumble dry or place on or near direct heat as this can damage the technical fabrics.
Do not Iron.
Ensure that kit is washed with similar items (nothing heavy or abrasive), or use a net washing bag.

General Care

Many of the fabrics are delicate and designed for your comfort and performance. We want to ensure that your clothing lasts as long as possible. There are things that you can do that will prolong the use and keep your garment looking its best for longer.

It may seem obvious but fabrics will wear and deteriorate with both time and use. Sweat, lotions, oils, fabric softeners, biological detergents, antiperspirants and alcohol in perfume and aftershave can damage fabrics, can affect the technical properties of some fabrics and cause the fibres of some fabrics to deteriorate. Chlorine and salt water can also bleach and damage fabrics.

Keep clothing away from Velcro fasteners – including those on gloves, saddle bags and overshoes etc and ensure they are washed separately.

Ensure you have a well fitting saddle, as a poor fitting saddle can be more than uncomfortable – it can also damage your clothing.

Jerseys and jackets are not designed to carry rucksacks, which are also likely to cause abrasion.

Take care not to overfill pockets or carry sharp or heavy objects as they are likely to cause damage to fabric or stitching.

Ensure you are wearing an appropriately sized garment.


*taken from the Pactimo website




If a product fails due to a manufacturing or materials defect, Pactimo will replace or repair to restore the original function without charge.

This warranty does not include product failures resulting from normal wear, misuse, improper care or accidents.

Please send all warranty returns directly to us. We recommend they be insured (as we are not responsible if lost in transit) and shipment costs must be paid by the shipper. We also request that products returned for warranty be washed and cleaned, or we will send them back to you.

Please contact your representative on this email address to arrange.

Garments bought from April 2023 onwards….

Effective April 1, 2023: Pactimo merchandise purchased directly from a Pactimo Custom Team Store, Bulk Order, or an authorized dealer have a limited two-year warranty from the date of purchase to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship barring normal wear and tear.  

Pactimo will replace or repair any garment to restore its original function without charge. If the product is no longer available to be replaced, we may replace it instead with a like-product.  

We believe in the quality of our products and want you to enjoy your Pactimo garments for as long as possible. As such, we stand by our commitment to repair or replace defective garments. However, please remember that all good things must come to an end, including your most beloved garments. (For example, no chamois can last forever.) Therefore, our warranty does not include product failures resulting from normal wear, misuse, improper care, or accidents. Normal wear includes the inherent deterioration of materials and colors over a prolonged time and/or with heavy use. Additional examples include abrasion marks, thinning materials and fading logos.  

If you have a warranty claim, please send a photo (or multiple photos) to with the subject heading “Warranty Claim” and your Order #. Make sure to also include a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.  

We will have one of our representatives reach out with additional instructions.  

If you are asked to send back your garment(s), we request they are washed and cleaned. If not, we cannot process the item(s) and will send them back to you. After we receive and process your warranty claim (3-5 business days), it may take up to 6 weeks to repair, reship and have your item(s) delivered. Our turn-around time may vary depending on the season. 

Shipment costs must be paid by the shipper. We recommend purchasing insurance as we are not liable for items lost during transit. 

Please return warranty items to:

Attn: Warranty Dept.
3565 South Yosemite Street
Denver, Colorado 80237

Be sure to include your contact information (name, address, phone number, email address) along with a description of the product defect.

For questions, contact the following:

Custom Customer Service



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