Seacroft Wheelers welcomes new members, of various ages* and abilities.

If you haven’t previously been a member you are welcome to join us for 3 test rides to check us out before payment of subs are due but please still complete your details on our club app Spond below.


For new membership applications please join us on Spond on this link  an app we use to organise activities and share information.

Note- existing members, please update any changes to your membership details on your Spond profile, if you have any queries you can email the membership secretary here.

Membership categories are as follows:

Category Annual Membership Fee
Senior (18+) £15.00
Under 18 £5.00
Second Claim £10.00
Family £25.00 (please complete 1 Spond profile per family member and add under 18’s with a Guardian)
The above figures do not include membership of British Cycling or Cycling UK. We strongly recommend joining one of these for third party insurance purposes – accidents happen occasionally (details about the club’s own insurance policy and the organisations above can be seen here).

(‘Second Claim’ applies to those who are already members of another club and require membership with Seacroft to take part in various time-trial/racing events.)

Membership runs from 1st February to 31st January, and subs for each year are due at the start of the membership year. If you join after 31st October, the following year’s subs are included. In other words, you receive up to 15 months membership for the price of 12.


Group rides etiquette and the Club Constitution & Rules can be viewed and downloaded here.


There are many benefits to joining a cycling club:

Seacroft Wheelers will pay the cost of entry of any first claim member, into a club run event during 2023, see here.

Meeting new people and making new friends.

Organised regular rides on most Sundays with a ride leader. Routes are varied each week and generally try to keep to the quieter minor roads.

It is likely you will get to ride on roads you have not been on before.

Four different Sunday road rides to choose from for different abilities and fitness (Short Social, Elementary, Intermediate and Club) allowing you to progress and improve your fitness if you wish.

Active off road scene, mountain bike rides, cyclo cross rides, training and coaching (seasonal).

Mid week evening training and coaching sessions (seasonal).

Racing opportunities for beginners to experts, road, time trialing and cyclo cross.

Club competitions and awards.

Subsidised social events/trips/rides/meals/club-branded products.

Mechanical and kit advice, another member has probably seen it, has it and or broken it 😉

As a British Cycling affiliated club, all 1st claim members that haven’t been a member of BC before, can get 50% off the “Ride” level of membership for the first year (£21.50 instead of £43).
More details here

As a Cycling UK affiliated club all 1st claim members can obtain a discounted annual membership of £26 (regular price £48). More details here  (NOTE: the discounted membership excludes legal advice)

*Under 18s

Child Protection Policy

The Clubs policy (which incorporates British Cycling’s (BC) Child Protection Policy) can be downloaded here.

Parental Consent Forms for ages 12-18

Age 12-15 must be accompanied on club rides by a responsible adult and a completed Parental Consent Form 1 which can be downloaded here.

Club rides promoted under British Cycling Regulations for non-competitive cycling events require participants 16-18 to present a signed Parental Consent Form 2 which can be downloaded here

The forms should be submitted along with the membership application.

At this time we do not offer provision on club rides for children under the age of 12.


Free Membership


The club has three ways that you can get free membership for the next year 

1. Marshalling or helping at club events in a calendar year

Requests for help will be made prior to each event via Spond app/social media.

You need four points or more to qualify for free membership for the next year.

You get 2 points for helping at each of: Club Road Race, Cyclo-Cross Race, Club Open Time Trials and for timekeeping at the club evening time trials.

You get 1 point for helping at each of the four club evening time trials:
2-up 10 mile (2 of these), 4-up 10 mile and Hill Climb.

2. Introduce a new member to the club

If you introduce someone that has not previously been a member or attended a ride, then when they have officially joined (completed the membership form and paid their subs), you will qualify for free membership in the following  subscription year. The newly joining member must add your name to the Spond form when they join or you should send an email to the Membership Secretary before they join in order to benefit from this.

3. Organise an open event or series on behalf of the club

Please contact the Committee Chair if you are interested in organising an event.

Road Race, Time Trial, Cyclo Cross, Reliability Ride, Evening League

All claims subject to the discretion of the Committee.

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