CityConnect-Seacroft Wheelers Partnership

*CityConnect cycle training has now finished for 2019 – follow CityConnect on Twitter or Facebook for further updates on training opportunities in 2020.*

So, you have successfully completed some CityConnect cycle training, what next ?

What next ?

You find yourself on this page having finished some cycling training and you are looking for what to do next to have some more fun on your bike, so lets run through some options for you……
Local cycling club Seacroft Wheelers, in partnership with CityConnect can help you on to the next stage (or rather ride 🙂 ) on your bicycling journey.

I’ve completed my “Learn to Ride” cycle training, what are my options ?

You are doing great, get signed up for Level 1 to prepare you for rides on the road.

I’ve completed Level 1 cycle training, what are my options ?

Join the “Zero to Hero” training course, starting at 10 miles week 1, increasing 5 miles per week for 5 weeks.
Attend some Tuesday evening road training sessions, adapted to the skills/fitness of all riders.
Attend some Wednesday evening off-road training sessions. A fun way to improve your bike skills away from traffic.

I’ve completed Level 2 cycle training, what are my options ?

You are probably now ready for the following rides:-

Saturday morning rides 35miles (adapted to who’s out) paced accordingly.
Sunday morning “Short Social” ride circa 20 miles and steady pace with a cafe stop.
Tuesday evening road training sessions, adapted to the skills/fitness of all riders.
Wednesday evening off-road training sessions. A fun way to improve your bike skills away from traffic.

I’ve completed Level 3 cycle training, what are my options ?

You should now be ready to join us on any of our rides, see the full schedule of upcoming events on our homepage  🙂

Ok, I want to join Seacroft Wheelers on one of their rides, what do I do ?

Everyone is welcome to just turn up on any of the rides mentioned, you don’t need to book in advance but if you have any questions feel free to get in touch (email or facebook details below)  we are here to help.
All our rides are FREE, anyone joining us from  a CityConnect training course will receive free membership of Seacroft Wheelers for the remainder of that membership year ! (annual membership £12.50 per year there after).

To find out when and how to join any of these rides, see “upcoming events” on the homepage.

To follow the clubs facebook page click here.

To join in with club chat/discussion and see the latest club info. join our facebook group here.

What do I need to bring ?

An appropriate bike for the ride in question, in a road worthy condition.
Comfortable/weather appropriate clothing.
A spare inner tube for your bike (we will assist with any mechanicals).
Some money for the cafe stop.
Mobile phone and emergency contact details of a relative/friend.
A signed parental consent form if you are age 16-18.
If you are below 16 then you need to be accompanied by an adult, so bring them 🙂

Who are Seacroft Wheelers ?

Seacroft Wheelers are a friendly, local cycling club based in the North East of Leeds, established in 1975 and welcome all riders from road, mountain, cyclo-cross, time trialing and from beginner to advanced. We look forward to you joining us to experience Yorkshires beautiful countryside and helping you progress your cycling skills and fitness with some miles and smiles 🙂


What is CityConnect ?

From route information to online challenges, support for businesses and free adult cycle training and bike maintenance sessions, find out how CityConnect can help you




Who are BikeRight ?

BikeRight are the training partner delivering the CityConnect cycling courses.

BikeRight have provided cycle and bike maintenance training nationally since 2003. Training over 20’000 individuals every year, their experienced and qualified instructors deliver training to the highest standards, empowering people to cycle confidently and safely.



CityConnect courses

Here is a summary of the the various CityConnect cycle training courses to help you establish were you are at and what level is best suited to your cycling needs. For more info on the courses available click here.

“Learn to Ride”

Experienced instructors will guide you step by step, from getting on and off, to bike handling and balance. By the end of this course pupils you will be able to cycle around in a clockwise and an anticlockwise direction for a minute or more.

Level 1 – Novice

For the new or returning rider This course is delivered in a traffic-free environmentand it is for people who can already ride a bike but who are not very confident. Pickup the skills and knowledge you need to go down to the local park or to take a trip out into the countryside.

The key outcomes for this stage are for participants to be able to make the bike go exactly where they want it to go, controlled braking, emergency stop, cycling one handed, signalling and being able to safely look over the shoulder.

Level 2 – Improvers

To building your confidence on the road, whether you’ve been cycling for a while or you’re returning to cycling, this course will give you the confidence, skills and techniques to negotiate cycling in traffic on the road. The training is delivered on quiet roads with some traffic.

Key outcomes are communicating effectively with other road users and knowing the optimum road position to be in at all times.

Level 3 – Advanced

Would you like to commute to work by bike but there’s a certain road or roundabout you still find daunting?  You can book a one-to-one session with an instructor on a route of your choice.  They can show you how to tackle busy roads and junctions with ease and confidence. You may have been cycling and using the roads for years
but there is always something new to learn.

Key outcomes are being able to handle multi-lane roads, faster moving traffic, controlled junctions, both mini roundabouts and multi-laned roundabouts.

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