The ‘Long Rides’ are back!

Sunday 30 May – The ‘Long Rides’ are back!

As we get back into the swing of group riding again, calls from members for fitness and stamina tests are being heard and listened to.  With that in mind, then, another ‘Long Ride’ is now being planned – the first since August 2019!

It will be on Sunday 30 May (Bank Holiday weekend) – so you have chance to recover the next day (or pacify your other half for being away from home so long cycling!).

Plans are currently being drawn up on route details, but there are likely to be two versions:

  • 70 miles (as a long ride for the Elementary category)
  • 100-110 miles (for the Intermediate category)

(Consideration is also being given for a long ride for the Short Social category.)

Yes, it will be a long day in the saddle, so please think carefully before deciding whether you’re up to the challenge.  There’s time, though, to prepare, to train, and – if you’ve not pushed yourself to such an extent previously – to talk to other club members to help you decide whether or not to join any of these rides. (Rides Captain Graham Johnson, Club Chair Mike Cartwright and other ride leaders can also provide assistance and guidance if needed.)

(You will see from the ‘Rides List’ on the website that outdoor café stops will resume from this weekend.  We are working on the basis that indoor café stops will resume later in May.  The current booking system, with adjustments to group sizes, is being maintained for now, plus the continued adherence to British Cycling guidelines.)

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