Club hosts GB Paralympic Time Trial

Following the success of British Cycling’s assault on medals in Rio in 2016, we were approached to organise an event a year later, on 19 March 2017. The GB Paralympic Time Trial took place on an 18km lap between Escrick and Weldrake, near York. Categories MC4, MC5 and MB competed over two laps, other categories over one lap.

Course Details & Map Available Here – ParaTT 2017 >

Club Chairman at the time, Fred Lyn, said afterwards: “The event was a great success, in large part thanks to everyone who mucked in on the day.  We required lots of help with marshalling duties, serving refreshments, etc, and we had lots of volunteers to support the organisers. Thanks to everyone who helped out – it’s much appreciated.  Putting on events like this isn’t as straight-forward as it might seem, but it’s a fantastic way to support British Cycling and Team GB.  We’re also, of course, helping to bring on new and young riders to support the future development and success of cycling in this country.”

Seacroft Para Olympic Squad member Sally Hurst

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