Sunday Rides: Changes to the booking system

In response to calls from some members, the process for signing up for a Sunday ride is being improved and simplified.  This will be reviewed in a few weeks’ time, once we’ve seen how the changes are bedding in.
Changes include (but may not be restricted to):
  • The Facebook group will be updated as often as necessary in regard to forthcoming Sunday ride changes
  • The Facebook Poll will remain and all riders must register either by this method or by email to the Ride Captain
  • There will be no cut-off point for booking, and the Facebook poll will not be removed on Friday evening as it previously was; early booking is still encouraged (to help gauge turnout on the day) but you can change groups or remove yourself at any time
  • Ride Leader information will be posted to the Facebook group on Saturday, and riders should make themselves known to the leader of their group on Sunday morning
  • Routes and destinations may differ from those originally advertised, but will not exceed distances advertised
  • If it’s not possible to secure rides leaders in advance, a request will be made on Facebook for volunteers. If there are still leader shortages, there will be a need to decide ‘on the day’ who will lead, and to where.
  • Minimum group size of 4 is required for all rides; any less, and you should join an alternative group.
  • Start times remain 9:30am (until first Sunday in April), from the Barnbow pub, Austhorpe Rd, Crossgates LS15 8EH
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