Roll-out of aims and objectives

The committee has recently agreed a number of aims and objectives (i.e. the steps to be taken to meet the aims) for the club that will be rolled out during this year.

Members are encouraged to give thought to these, and how they might be able to help deliver them on behalf of the club and their fellow members.  Get in touch with a committee member if you feel able to help out.  Thank you.

  • Aim A – Increase membership
  • Aim B – Increase female participation
  • Aim C – Encourage more competitive participation
  • Aim D – Increase youth inclusion
  • Aim E – Get more volunteers to help at club-organised events

Priority Objectives (there are others, but these have been agreed as most important)

  • Recruit a youth development officer (and task group)
  • Run a ‘Zero-2-Hero’ course
  • Run a women-only ride
  • Recruit more female leaders

(NOTE: This does not mean that previously agreed activities such as ride leader training have been dropped.)

Also, to help secure the aims and objectives, we want to ensure that we’re getting the right messages out to the right audience; and we want to provide more high quality social activities.  We are therefore seeking people to help with communications/marketing, and to organise social events in the future (this can be one person or two, depending on skills, knowledge and experience).  See the website piece here

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