Road Race Report 2023


Another full day of racing for the men and women near Wistow, North Yorks. took place 2nd July, temperatures in the high teens a couple of sprinkles later in the day but relentless wind on the flat course made for some tough riding and strong racing…….

Men’s Race Reg. A Cat 2/3/4 Bishop Wood 59 miles 11 laps

A full field of 60 signed up and after several D.N.S. 51 riders took to the start. Amazing to see FIVE heroes from Seacroft join in this year, a big change from their regular cycling activities so chapeau for pinning on a number. They were joined by 6 of our friends from Cliff Pratt, race regulars, 4 from Alba Rosa, 4 from Open Collective, 3 from Clifton Juniors and many other teams and clubs from near and far. So nice to see local jerseys racing and we appreciate everyone’s support thank you.

Race Report from the Peloton

“The race started very fast from the get go!
Causing a couple of riders to get dropped even before the first lap was completed, after everyone had settled down and the caffeine was wearing off a break of around 8 went up the road, and the break had a few good strong riders amongst it including Jamie sharp and Rob Pape, but the strong group got reeled back in after a few laps igniting a constant barrage of attacks 2’s and 3’s but nothing managed to stick!
It came down to 2 laps to go when Jacob Lock drifted off the front with Rich Moore following as a 2 (everyone was thinking yeh whatever, 2 aren’t staying away with 2 laps to go) so let them get a gap, Harry Nolan then bridged across with a strong solo effort to the duet adding some power to the break,
Everyone then looked at each other in the bunch and it was a sprint for 4th as the trio managed to hold everyone off!
Rich Moore used his years of experience aged 56 to take the win and young 19 year old Jacob lock took 2nd followed by Harry to complete the East Yorkshire podium! A great day of racing!!
We really do appreciate you putting on such a great event! Always an awesome day out! Thanks again”

Rich Gibbins Cliff Pratt Racing

Rich has summed it up nicely, it’s great to get to hear the racers view, incredible to see Rich Moore (a Seacroft champion from 10 years ago) take the win in a sprint against young Jacob, a close affair with a few bike lengths in it before the rest of the peloton kicked for home about 100m behind them.

There was one coming together towards the end of the race near the railway rise resulting in a minor knee scrape but that aside zero injuries thankfully.


1 Richard Moore Squadra RT
2 Jacob Lock Velo Club Beverley
3 Harry Nolan Train Sharp
4 Angus Owens Open Collective
5 Ewan Brannan Albarosa Cycling Club

Highest Placed Cat 4 Sam Bagley Geared Up RT

Full list of B.C. points to 15th and placings to 39th here

Bernards Flickr album here
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Women’s Race Reg. B Cat 3/4 Bishop Wood 38 miles 7 laps

A field of 43 became 33 heroes on the start line after several D.N.S. and some on the day entries. Unofficial team award goes to Contiki Velo Bavarian RT with SIX entries (2nd highest ever for the women’s race), a shame that 2 couldn’t make it on the day but still the biggest turn out and therefore my race favs for 2023. Fickle perhaps but when entries were looking a tad low they embraced the event and renewed my energy and desire to find more, thank you.

A special mention to all new road racers/cat 4 /first timers Ellie, Olivia, Ruth and Flora (that I know of) and to any I have missed. Sometimes getting to the start line is the hardest part and without new racers joining us, the community does not survive and grow, so we are super happy that we continue to attract these riders. Following on from that it’s so important that you all talk about the race before and after, help spread the word to team and club mates, friends and acquaintances and help encourage new riders to the race. We need this to both sustain and grow.

Race Report from the Peloton

“first real move of the day was Beth McRae from Jadan on lap 2. Beth had a good gap with no real chase through the headwind, however on coming through onto the tailwind Beth was caught. More attempts to break from the group throughout the race with the Jadan girls again being extremely active along with Emily Robinson, myself (Jo Rea Kirkley) and Cecilia (Paradigm)  all making moves at the front. When it looked like it was all going to come down to a bunch sprint on the line I went early followed by Sarah (RAF) and Niamh (Shibden), unfortunately for them with the acceleration for the line behind the whole bunch swept past with Megan Boyd leading the charge and winning the bunch sprint by several lengths! “

Jo Rea Kirkley Cycles

Thanks Jo, Dani puncturing mid race was a big disappointment for her, aside having to then watch the race with me 😀 she was just starting to stretch her legs, next year Dani….

Have to mention the super close call between 5th and 6th that we originally got wrong. This race generally ends in a sprint by its topographical nature and in the past we have had 1 wheel between 3 placings but never a single decision so close, Emily pipping Cecilia by about 3 tyre widths.


1 Megan Boyd Tactic UK WRT
2 Louise Scupham Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
3 Tyanna Reid RFDA
4 Rachel Galler St. Piran
5 Emily Robinson

Highest Placed Cat 4 Gemma Mann Harrogate Nova CC

Full list of B.C. points to 10th and placings to 25th here

Bernards Flickr album here
Please credit him @bernardmarsden if you use his pics.
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Once again the Women’s race was an emotional affair (for me) from the very first sign up (Ellie after 6hrs 41m of entries being open, a new record) through the relentless search for entries to put a good field together, to the chequered flag. Fair to say it was a much more challenging task this year (for so many reasons) and we didn’t fill the race with 60 as we usually do. That being said we are thankful for every single entry we did get and happy to make some new racing friends 🙂

ZERO OFFS/RACE INJURIES which we are most thankful for.

Lastly I should add a “sorry not sorry” for the amount of chasing and badgering and reminding I did to get the entries in, I think/hope you all understand, you can help alleviate this if you wish by getting your entries in early! Seriously, this really helps 🙂

For the first time this year the Women’s race was part of the #womenracenorth league, namely race 5 of the 10 and part of the Regional B competition. Fifteen league members signed up and 9 scored league points. The combined prize fund for the Reg. A and B competitions is £1,000 courtesy of Specialized Harrogate, it’s not too late to sign up and get involved there are 4 races left as I write this. Check the insta link above for the schedule and league tables in the Reg. A and B competitions.


A big thank you to all the club volunteers, drivers, Accredited Marshals, Com’s for all their time and energy, without which there would be no race and to Antony, race organiser for holding it all together. Up until 5pm 2 days before the race, we were 1 accredited marshal down and looking at having to cancel, so an extra special Race Hero thanks to Chris Radcliffe for saving the day and the small bit of our sanity that was left 😀

Humbled, as always, by the distances travelled to be part of the race, we welcome any thought’s you may have to help us improve it and we hope to see to see you all next year.

Regards Antony and Craig

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