“Zero to Hero” Training Rides 2019

*Zero to Hero will be back in 2020*
contact us on the email address below to register and to be kept advised of the dates.

Join our free cycling training program designed for absolute beginners (Zero miles).

Aimed at preparing you to take part in our 30 mile Invitation Ride in May (Hero miles) and to generally introduce you to cycling and the club in general. We currently have “Short Social” rides every Sunday around 30 miles that would lead on from z to h perfectly.

Starting with 10miles and gradually increasing each week, on local, quiet roads.

Everyone welcome on any road worthy bike and a cycling helmet must be worn.

Paced to accommodate all riders, nobody left behind.
(see picture from a week 1 Strava screen shot 9.8 mph average, ignore the distance as it includes getting to and from the starting point 🙂  )

Led by a fully qualified coach.

Complete all 5 weeks and get free Seacroft Wheelers membership for 2019
(valid once per person to new members).

SATURDAY 6th April 2019 10am
MEETING POINT- lay-by outside John Smeaton Academy LS15 8TA

Build your fitness, experience group riding, make some new cycling friends 🙂

email zerotohero@seacroftwheelers.co.uk to reserve your place or ask any questions.

Some comments from a previous course:-

“It’s been the best, thank you everyone xxx” Lynsey

“I’ve really enjoyed it, not just the cycling but also the social side of it too ” Claire

“Great company and support thanks everyone ” Michelle

“Both me & Chrissie have really enjoyed it. Thanks so much to everyone it’s been a ball!X” Elaine

I definitely feel more confident on a bike. For the first few weeks I was dreading getting on the bike every Saturday morning, now I look forward to getting on the bike ??‍♀️??” Claire

Have a look at the”what to bring” and “getting started” tabs here https://www.seacroftwheelers.co.uk/rides/  for some helpful tips and advice. The “ride smart” videos are also worth a watch on the same page.

You don’t need to bring everything on that list to these training rides, bike helmet and water bottle and an inner tube will suffice. We can assist with any mechanicals/tool requirements.

Please note on all Seacroft Wheelers rides (in line with British Cycling guidelines) all under 16’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult and under 18’s must supply a signed ParentalConsent form.

If you would like to attend but don’t have a bike and can’t borrow one then Leeds Bike Mill are an option.
They sell recycled bicycles with prices starting from £70, see this link for details:-

Or you could try to borrow one from Yorkshire Bike Libraries

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Zero to Hero II completed ! Class of August 2018

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