Group Rides Latest (21/08/20)

Good News gets even better…Group Rides to continue!

EDIT (21/08/20)Please Note – The booking cut-off time has been moved from Saturday lunch-time to 8pm on Fridays.  Also, while Sunday rides will still be posted on this website and the Facebook group, we have stopped the weekly email to members updating them on the resumption of rides.  Any new disruption to Sunday rides will be emailed (as well as on this website and Facebook).  Members should check themselves for ride details each week.  Thank you. 

Last week’s resumption of group rides (Sunday 9 Aug) concluded successfully, with positive feedback from both Ride Leaders and regular members.  There were six groups on the day (2 x Short Social; 1 x Elementary; 2 x Intermediate; 1 x Club Run) and without the support of Ride Leaders stepping up, this would not have been possible – thank you to them, and to the efforts of our Ride Captain, Graham Johnson, for helping to make the resumption a success.

The committee has therefore decided to continue with group rides for now, albeit still under the condition of keen monitoring and review, plus feedback from leaders and members.  We will also take note of any future changes in guidelines on exercising and social distancing.

Pre-booking remains in place due to group number restrictions – via Facebook or emailing The staggered start time will also continue for now.

See document here for the new process and what’s required. Rides are members only for now and pre-booking is on a week-by-week basis, i.e. no booking beyond the coming weekend’s rides.  (We are doing our best to accommodate all requests.)

Hope to see you on a ride soon!

Mike Cartwright

Chair, Seacroft Wheelers

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