Club Rides Resume – Sun 6 Dec 2020

The end of the latest national lockdown on Wed 2 Dec means that the club is allowed to reinstate group rides once again – this will take place from Sunday 6 December.

Please refer to the ‘Rides’ section of this website to see the upcoming Sunday destinations etc.

There will still be no cafe stops for now – due to restrictions surrounding the latest tier system in place (West Yorkshire will go into tier 3). (The ‘rule of 6’, social distancing, etc, remain in place.)

  • NOTE 1: Please ensure that you are familiar with the club’s processes for joining rides during Covid-19 – see this document.  (Also – bookings are received via text and email, aswell as the Facebook poll; checking the poll alone does not reveal an accurate picture of all those intending to ride.)
  • NOTE 2: If withdrawing from a ride after you have booked on, please inform the Ride Captain as soon as possible. The booking system means that a considerable amount of time is spent grouping individuals together; late withdrawals affect that planning and can potentially deprive others from joining us (due to group size limits and ride leader availability).

For further guidance on cycling at this time, please refer to British Cycling or Cycling UK websites.


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