AGM Report Back to Members (10 Jan 2021)

Annual Meeting looks to the future

Seacroft Wheelers’ annual general meeting (5 January) has confirmed that the cycling club is in a good place despite the disruption to events and activities caused by Covid-19 last year.

Members gathered (online, of course) to discuss and review how the year had gone, and consider what services the Wheelers can provide to members as and when lockdown restrictions ease.  One of the decisions taken was to reduce this year’s subscription fee (for those who were members during 2020) to a flat £5, to help offset the limited services available last year due to lockdowns.  Another decision taken was to pursue training for regular leaders of group rides (postponed from 2020, again due to lockdown).

Activities, including competitive events like racing and time trialling, are being pencilled in for when the club can resume, and a number of new objectives are being pursued which will be revealed in due course, but will include increasing membership levels, improving riding skills and producing a short video for marketing and promotional purposes.

The club’s achievements and activities in 2020 were highlighted and can be found in a separate, short ‘End-of-Year Report’ on the website here.  Further development of the small-but-perfectly-formed ‘Zwift Online Racing Group’ will be explored this year, and there were some changes to the officers and club representatives for this coming year.

Lynn Hanson has stood down from the committee, while Adrian Evans comes in.  Steve Barnes is no longer co-representative for Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Association, and he’s replaced by Chris Beetham.  While already on the committee (and past Chair, of course), Richard Barker takes up the previously vacant slot of Racing Secretary.  All other roles remain the same, and can be found on the website here.

Mike Cartwright, Chair of Seacroft Wheelers, said afterwards: “It’s been a difficult year in many ways.  Most of our regular activities, from Sunday rides to competitive events, and social gatherings, have been disrupted to some extent, or even not been able to run at all.  Frustrating but necessary, given the continuing situation.  That said, we made a number of changes that will improve our services to members when normality returns, and we’re just looking forward to rolling out our events and activities as soon as we possibly can.”

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