SW Committee, 4 September 2018 – Report for Members

Club members and the committee met for an update on activities in early September.


Membership was revealed to be at its highest for some time, with 119, as opposed to 87 at the end of 2017.  The make-up of that membership is predominantly male (81%), but we have seen a steady rise throughout 2018 of female cyclists joining – a very positive and welcome addition, for sure.


Several methods are being used to promote the club generally and its various activities, including social media, direct contact from members with other cyclists and previous members, and enhancing our general internet presence.  Several former members have also recently come back into the fold.  The new kit and its striking colour combination also seems to be attracting attention out on the road and at café stops.  All of this is helping to increase the club’s profile.


The bank balance remains strong, with funds being used to support club activities or subsidise things like kit purchases.  Several free memberships have been handed out for those completing the ‘Zero-to-Hero’ series – which has been hailed as a great success, thanks in no small way to Mike Farthing and Craig Lyons as instigators and organisers.


As always, volunteers are always needed for the competitive events organised by the club.  These events bring in money and, again, keep the club’s profile high in the cycling world.  Two 10-mile open time trials will be run in 2019 (in May and September), and requests for marshalling volunteers will come out in due course.  Other competitive events, such as the Thursday Evening League Time Trials and cyclo-cross racing will continue to receive club support, while an open road race will be put on in early 2019 (probably March).


Positive feedback was received on the club’s summer social night in August at the Lamb & Flag pub in Leeds.  Forty-four members and their partners attended, and the event (or something similar) is likely to be repeated again next year. The next big social event for Seacroft Wheelers is the club’s annual awards dinner and presentation in late January – a venue and speaker will be announced in due course.

As always, the committee fully appreciates all members and their partners who help prepare, support and take part in the club’s various activities – the club would not be the success it is without you…thank you!

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