Committee Meeting, 14 Feb 2018 – Report for Members

A number of actions and initiatives came out of the Seacroft Wheelers’ committee meeting in February 2018.

Helping new cyclists

Incentives to encourage more young and female riders to become involved in the club are high on the committee’s agenda right now.  Starting in March, Saturday morning rides, co-ordinated by qualified coach Mike Farthing, will commence.  The rides will aim to bring in new and inexperienced cyclists, with a view to improving fitness and guidance on group-riding.  Details to follow on the website and social media soon on this ‘Zero to Hero’ initiative.


These will be followed by another club invitation ride in May, whereby awareness of the club is raised among local communities through shops, supermarkets and sports centres.  The committee is keen to raise awareness of the various facilities and activities that the club undertakes to support cycling in the area, including wider promotion/marketing.  Anyone with knowledge and experience in this area involved with the club is invited to come forward (email the committee here – )


The committee agreed to buy a few additional items on top of the members’ orders, to retain in stock.  This enables the club to have some jerseys (in the most popular sizes) in reserve, for when new members join in the upcoming warmer months when people bring their bikes out of storage once again.  Importantly, this will enable new members to buy these items at a significantly lower price than they would otherwise have done, if ordering individually in the future.

Apologies, once again, to members frustrated by the lengthy process involved in the new kit design and supply – it is as frustrating for the committee as it is for you.  The order is being finalised and those having placed orders will shortly be approached for payment.

Competitive riding

Next month’s (March) road race is being organised by club chairman, Richard Barker.  Details have been sent to British Cycling, who are expected to post onto their website imminently; after which, invitations to take part will follow. Elaine Kelly is the lead officer for all things relating to the Evening League Time Trials, and a full list of courses, dates etc can be found on the website at

Balancing the budget

A financial update was provided by treasurer Richard Goddard, with the club’s bank account looking relatively healthy.  The committee also signed off a new data protection policy, respecting the rights of members’ privacy, in light of new regulations about to take force that tightens up the use of personal data.

And finally…

The idea of a summer social event (already floated on the club’s facebook page) was confirmed at the meeting, with venues and dates being explored by Mike Cartwright.  Finally, the ‘riding etiquette’ document on the website is to be amended to give clearer guidance on the use of mudguards.  This is in response to requests from several members.

The guidance will now read: “It is expected that you will have full length mud guards, with rear mudflap fitted during winter/spring when the conditions require it.”

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