Sunday Rides: 24 Feb – A new initiative

Event Details

Due to the growing popularity of Sunday rides, we are increasing the number of groups to four (up from three).

The additional group ride is what we are currently calling a ‘short social’ to accommodate both new members and those who may not have been out much over winter.  It will ride at the average pace of the previous slowest group (what was the Social group, led usually by Mike Taylor) – 12-14 mph average – over a shorter distance, expected to be around 30 miles.  Mike Taylor will now lead the newly-named Elementary group, averaging 12-14 mph over 40 miles.

More will be explained on the day, but this change gives greater flexibility and choice for riders and ride leaders so that everyone gets the most out of their rides.

The Intermediate and Club groups will stick with their previous remits of 14-16 mph average (circa 55 miles) and 16-18 mph average (60 miles plus).

This new initiative will be reviewed at the end of March, when newer riders will be encouraged to step up to the next level.

Short Social: Tadcaster

Elementary: Knaresborough

Intermediate: Hampsthwaite

Club Run: Hampsthwaite

Some rides may have hilly sections.

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