Sunday Rides: Weston

Event Details

For the mid-winter period we are trying a new approach in 2019. We will have a single destination planned and typically form into two led groups, although this will depend on the weather and turnout. The destination will be a cafe within the social rides range, and the social group will take a fairly direct route out and back. The inter/club group will add extra distance to the outward leg so as to arrive at the cafe later than the social group and then take a more direct route back. For this group the cafe stop will therefore be beyond the mid-point of the ride and the return leg will be fairly short.

We believe this will add extra flexibility to tweak ride lengths and groups on the day during the period where weather conditions and turnout can be more variable. This approach will be reviewed by the ride leaders group mid-February, so please feel free to feedback your thoughts on how it works through the ride leaders.

All groups will go to Weston (Cockpit Farm).

Heading north-west these rides will have some hilly sections.

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