Sunday Rides: Bramhope, Bingley and Haworth

Event Details

Three different destinations are planned this weekend. One group will take a fairly direct route to the nearer cafe, around 35-50 miles ridden at around 12-14mph. Another group will go a bit further afield at a slightly faster pace (14-16mph) and taking a longer route of around 50-70 miles. The third group will go to a cafe further away, with a route of between 60 and 100 miles and a pace around 16-18mph. The destination is not confirmed for the longer ride yet but will be somewhere in that direction taking in the moor roads south of Ilkley.

Heading west, these rides will be hilly.

Shorter ride: Bramhope (High Trees)

Middle distance ride: Bingley (Five Rise Locks)

Longer ride: Haworth (Cobbles and Clay)

N.B. Finish times are not guaranteed and depend on the speed/distance/stops on the day.

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