Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Event Details

Fancy a trip to the coast?  With your bike? With some mates? With your other half?

Well, it’s all on…and the last bit is optional, anyway!

The club is heading to Scarborough on Saturday 23 May, staying overnight and coming back the next day.  On yer bike…as they say!

Timings are to be confirmed, and members should arrange their own overnight accommodation, but it’s happening and so we need an idea of numbers to arrange leaders for different groups etc.  Committee member Martin Clough is lead co-ordinator, and is already sounding out interest on our Facebook group.

It’s likely that some evening clothing etc can be brought through by members’ wives and girlfriends, some of whom will join with us later for an evening on the town.

This will be a round trip of approximately 160 miles over the two days.  The club has the right to refuse anyone it feels may struggle with this distance, although we are looking at running more than one group.

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