Awards Buffet and knees-up: Sat 29 January

Event Details

Members will gather again for the club’s awards celebration on Saturday evening, 29 January 2022, at the Barnbow pub.

There’ll be music and a DJ, a buffet, and lots of time to talk and celebrate with friends and family.  Partners and other family members are welcome.

The evening will commence at 7pm (EDIT on Tue 25th, 08.55am: time brought forward by 30 minutes) and run through to 11.30.  Tickets are £10 a head, and advance booking is required so that we can provide catering numbers, seating etc.

Payment can be made to the club’s account, number 20500733, s/c 09-01-29, with a separate message or email  Mike Cartwright, to confirm who is attending in your booking. (If you’d prefer to give an ‘expression of interest’, rather than concrete booking until closer to the time, we can accept that, but confirmation and payment will be needed 10 days in advance, so 19 January  Interest can also be shown on the Facebook group too.)

Despite the disruption of the pandemic over the last two years, the club continues to make great strides, and we have much to celebrate – come along and give yourselves a pat on the back…you deserve it!

Click here to see a full list of club awards and competitions.


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