New competition for 2019: Strava group data

The club’s annual awards competition will include a new category from 2019.  The advent of social media and advancing technology has meant that those involved in sports and other activities can measure their efforts online on a regular basis against friends and fellow club members, in various ways.

Strava is one of a number of popular websites for recording and measuring areas such as total distance accumulated in successive weeks, most miles covered in a single ride, and most climbing done each week – and it is in these three areas that the club’s new competition awards will be introduced next year (2019 – meaning that the awards will be marked at the January 2020 awards dinner).  If you are not yet a member of Seacroft Wheelers’ Strava Club, when visiting the website, hover over the ‘Explore’ tab, click on ‘Clubs’ and request to join.

The competition will run in the following way, with the terms and conditions set out below that.

  1. Competition runs from 1 Jan-31 Dec each year (it is a single competition for the whole year, with three categories as set out below)
  2. Three categories to be measured each week: total distance, accumulated each week; longest single ride, in miles; most climbing that week, in feet
  3. The top three club members in each category will be awarded 4, 2 and 1 points respectively, and these will be totted up each week
  4. Medals will be awarded at the annual awards dinner.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Strava runs it weekly records from Monday-Sunday; competition data will be collected and recorded from the Strava Seacroft Wheelers group records after 6pm Friday (giving group members until that time to input their activities)
  2. Ride details need to be accurately recorded on Strava each week, i.e. ‘rogue’ or incorrect recordings identified will not be included – it is for rides only, no other activities
  3. The competition is for 1st & 2nd claim club members only.

(Note: This is a trial and will be reviewed throughout the year and again fully after a full 12 months.)



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