Committee grapples with difficult decisions

The club committee reviewed the latest Covid-related matters, among other issues, at its recent meeting on 24 November.

Several actions were agreed upon, the key one being the decision to cancel the 2020 awards and competitions programme and, inevitably, the annual dinner in January (see separate report on this decision).

The committee also agreed to publish a short statement of club activities and achievements from the year, and re-affirmed its commitment to the current bookings and procedures policies necessary for riding with the club since the onset of Covid-19.

A date was also set for the annual general meeting – 5 January – when financial reports will be received and officers elected for the following 12 months.

On the matter of the club’s new ‘activities and achievements’ statement, Club Chair Mike Cartwright said: “I’d been thinking that, despite the apparent inactivity within the club due to Covid-19, the committee has still done plenty to support and develop the membership this year, and put us in an even stronger position for when normality returns.  I want to be able to show to the members that we’re not simply sat on our hands and that the work continues.  So this will be outlined in a simple and straightforward document – a kind of ‘mini-annual report’, if you like, that we can turn to and use as and when required.  It’s been a difficult year for everyone and cycling might seem a relatively low priority at present but I want us to be able to demonstrate that we have done a good job this year in spite of those issues, and we’ll do an even better one next year.”

Following a committee discussion of the sometimes complex issues of grouping individuals together on Sunday rides due to the booking system, the club’s ‘Riding During Covid’ document has been tweaked to highlight certain key points.

Mike added: “The ‘rule of 6’ has put some strain on the planning of group rides and so it’s not always been possible to give everyone the ride they’d hoped for – we sometimes have to shift people up or down the groups according to demand and ride leader availability.  I’d like to thank members for bearing with us at this time, and in particular to our Ride Captain, Graham Johnson – he’s doing a cracking job in difficult circumstances.”

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