Christmas Social: Friday 13 December

We’re having a bit of a knees-up just before Christmas – on Friday 13 December.

We will move between pubs every couple of hours, and so a ‘staggered’ programme (in more than one sense of the word!) is set out below as a general guideline, with a plan to post status updates on the Facebook group live on the night if there is a deviation from the plan below.

Yes, that’s right…basically, it’s a pub crawl!

3pm – First Out of the Blocks: Tapped, Boar Lane, LS1 5EL
5pm – It’s Still Early Doors: Outlaws Yacht Club, LS2 7DY (with an option for Crowd of Favours, LS2 7EA)
7pm – All in Good Time: The Regent, LS1 6DP
9pm – It’s Never Too Late: Lower Briggate/Call Lane

We’d love to see you there – even if it’s only for one or two drinks.  If you think that you can make it, let Mike Cartwright know here

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