Annual Meeting – Report Back to Members

2020 AGM Report to members

A number of changes were confirmed at the club’s annual meeting on Monday 6 January 2020.

Financially speaking…

The 2019 accounts were approved, and the club remains in a healthy position financially, thanks to sound and thoughtful consideration on how and where to spend and invest.  Membership fees remain at current levels for 2020 – see website here for details. The subsidy that was offered to new members for their first kit purchase has been removed, as it was not influencing kit sales.

Club Events

2020 sees a number of ‘open events’ (i.e. to non-members) continue to take place that are successful and good for the club’s profile:

  • Reliability Ride (now one of the ‘Notorious 9’)
  • Road Race
  • Evening League Time Trials
  • Cyclo-Cross
  • Hill-Climb (led by Wetherby Wheelers)

The club will continue to stage a Memorial Ride to mark the untimely passing of several members, usually in April. [Ben Forwood, Andy Shearman, Malcolm Davidson, Angie Wilson & Kevin Warr]

Serving the members

The importance of providing members with what they want and need was also discussed.  Are they happy with current provision? How else can we improve group riding?  How to address the current demographic of our membership?  These and other questions were raised.  This topic will be returned to in both future committee meetings and through direct discussions (including polls) with the wider membership.

New roles, new faces

There were other changes within the committee and officer structure that makes the club so successful.  In a new move, Astrid Pot takes on the position of Women’s Officer; Lynn Hanson – a regular attendee at meetings – accepted a formal move onto the committee.  Graham Johnson comes on board as Rides Captain, freeing up Mike Cartwright’s time as he succeeds Richard Barker as Chair.  Nick Hanson has stepped in as Vice-Chair.

Steve Barnes, Doris Smith and Graeme Walker all stood down from the committee – their time and effort is greatly appreciated and we hope that they will continue to make contributions that benefit the club, as they have done already.

For a full list of all representatives and officers, see the website here.

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