Annual Meeting: Feedback to Members

Seacroft Wheelers Cycling Club – Annual General Meeting, 8 January 2019 Members’ Report

Gearing up for another great year!

Members approved a number of changes at the club’s annual meeting on 8 January.

The club constitution was revised, giving the committee more discretion for filling roles and completing tasks; a number of new representatives were elected; and the financial accounts were detailed and scrutinised.  Overall, once again, the committee is pleased to report that the club is in a healthy position going into 2019.

Taking time out

Rides Captain for the last two years, Dave Broadbent, has stood down from that role and also from the committee.  Dave got engaged recently to long-standing girlfriend Laura, and they have recently moved house.  Our hearty congratulations and best wishes go out to the pair, and a very grateful ‘thank you’ to Dave for his work as Rides Captain and also his general committee contributions too.  Dave will continue to be a part of the Ride Leaders’ Group, which meets every two months to plan ahead for the Sunday rides.

New names and faces

Coming onto the committee are new faces Martin Clough and Lorna (‘Doris’) Potter to complement the line-up, full details of which are below and on the website.  In 2018, Martin launched the club’s new off-road rides section and is also a keen cyclo-cross enthusiast.  Doris is to assist Elaine Kelly with the Evening League Trials.  The committee had previously pledged to attract more young and female cyclists to the club, and so bringing Doris on board will be valuable in this way.

Getting things right

In 2018, 54 new members joined or re-joined the club (nearly double the 2017 figure), 24% of those being female.  Clearly, we are doing something right in attracting cyclists with an array of activities, events and support.  This includes coaching for new and inexperienced cyclists, trailed successfully in 2018 with our ‘Zero-to-Hero’ ride series (which we will look to repeat this year).  Our ‘Invitation Rides’ also proved a great success.

The very successful Sunday social rides (attendance levels in 2018 were up 11% on the year before) are balanced with a variety of competitive disciplines, including a road race, time trial league and cyclo-cross challenge.

A committed committee

Financially, the club remains in a strong position.  Therefore, membership fees will remain unchanged for 2019, and the committee will continue to look at ways to support and develop its members through both physical and social activities.  The club has subsidised the cost of the annual awards dinner for the last few years, for example, and paid for the cost of return travel from Whitby on 2017’s ‘Long Ride’.

Communicating and listening

Attendees also heard that the club’s new website for 2018 – the principal and official communications platform for Seacroft Wheelers – has three times more viewers and visits than the old site.  The website is complemented by the club’s social media profiles (Facebook and Instagram), while the old informal discussion platform – the ‘Forum’ – has now been archived, but can be accessed here.


2018 was a good year for Seacroft Wheelers Cycling Club.  The long and proud tradition of providing quality facilities and activities for both budding and experienced cyclists continues.  However, we do not rest on our laurels.  With cycling now more popular than ever before, and Yorkshire being a hot-bed and high profile for all levels of the activity and sport, the club remains on the front foot (or should that be wheel?) for giving its members the best possible opportunities to meet their cycling demands, whether that’s leisure or competitive, road/off-road, new or experienced, young or old!

…and all this for just £12.50 a year (or less)…what a bargain!

If you’re reading this and you’re not yet a member, click here to visit our website and find out more.

Committee Members & Other Representatives for 2019

Richard Barker (Chair)

Mike Cartwright (Vice-Chair & Welfare Officer)

Ian Hirst (Secretary & British Cycling representative)

Richard Goddard (Treasurer, Membership Secretary & Cycling UK representative)

Elaine Kelly (Evening League Secretary)

Craig Lyons (Website Manager & Kit Officer)

Steve Barnes (Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Association Representative)

Nick Hanson (Cycling Time Trials Representative)

Antony Brumby (Co-optee & Yorkshire Cycling Federation representative)

Fred Lyn
Graeme Walker
Martin Clough
Doris Smith

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