Coronavirus Update, 02/07/20: Suspension continues

Coronavirus Update from Seacroft Wheelers Committee – Thursday 02/07/20

Update: This evening (Thursday 2 July 2020), the committee confirmed that the current suspension of club activities should continue for now.  Social distancing rules would inevitably be compromised if group riding were to resume now.  All members have been emailed tonight and we hope that there will soon be further revisions to social distancing that will enable us to ride together.

You may be aware that British Cycling issued a statement yesterday (Thur 18/06/20) on its ‘next step’ on resuming some club-based activities; Cycling UK has also updated its guidance and ‘Coronavirus Q&A’.  Both organisations stipulate that any return to club activities must adhere to government guidelines on social distancing.

British Cycling’s Stage 3 of a six-stage plan allows for groups of up to six to ride together.  Seacroft Wheelers Committee has discussed the situation, including the safety of members on rides, the willingness of ride leaders at this time, managing social distancing at the club’s meeting point and during rides, and how group rides are perceived by other road-users.  We have decided that we will NOT be resuming club activities until at least 4 July, and we will review our position again shortly before then to take account of developments and any changes to government guidelines.

We regret that we cannot resume activities yet, and apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.  Your health and safety is uppermost in our decisions and we feel that the current two metre social distancing and related factors listed in the previous paragraph are too challenging for us to resume cycling right now.  These are unprecedented times and I’m sure that you understand the difficulties facing us.

I know that many other local cycling clubs have expressed concerns on how group rides and maintaining social distancing can be implemented, so we are not alone with our concerns.  Let’s hope that conditions surrounding coronavirus continue to improve, and that social distancing rules are soon eased – this would greatly help us get cycling again.

You can contact me, or any other committee member, on this or any other issue related to Seacroft Wheelers – see here.  Apologies once again – I hope to see you again soon.

Best Wishes

Mike Cartwright

Chair, Seacroft Wheelers

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